How to avoid cyber-attacks in your Prestashop store

How to avoid cyber-attacks in your Prestashop store

If you already decided to enter the world of e-commerce, opted for the Prestashop platform to create your virtual store and you are enjoying the benefits offered by this tool, logically you want to keep everything under control, so you can now take into account Some security measures to protect the personal and financial data of your customers and yours, and thus avoid a valuable loss of information and income for your SME.

The main thing we should pay attention to protect our online store is not to use the same key for other profiles , it seems obvious but in fact is a fact that we usually forget, if there is no encrypted connection we risk that some hacker interprets our key ; Now imagine that a cybercriminal can decrypt your password in another account and it happens that it is the same as your site, it will enter more easily and you can use all your data without any inconvenience, so the password of our store in Prestashop should be Unique and if possible with a high degree of difficulty.

Also be sure to install modules only from Prestashop; because the modules created by third parties present certain security problems and in fact, various online stores have been attacked through these software. Fortunately there are a variety of excellent Prestashop modules to improve the management of your online store, so you will not need to look elsewhere.

Keeping Prestashop updated is also very important, keep in mind that new versions can offer you new features, solutions and also provide greater security to your business, on the contrary, if you postpone the updates your online store will present certain vulnerabilities, and could be attacked more easily.

Similarly change the name of the ADMI folder can also be helpful, we explain, when you install Prestashop manage your virtual store through the back office, this is accessible via an address defined by the name of “admin” plus a number Corresponding, for example “admin56”. For your part, you can take the time to change the name of this file with one that corresponds to your store or services, you can even incorporate a combination of letters and figures, to make access to your store more restricted and personalized, becoming more difficult Of attacking.

Finally you can always opt for applications to secure your Prestashop store, with them you can detect vulnerabilities and obtain a report to solve weaknesses in the security of your business. Also do not forget to make sure these applications are reliable and effective to avoid mishaps.

We hope that with these simple steps you can reinforce the security of your store and avoid a possible cyber attack, do not forget that not only your data and information are at stake, but also that of your customers, take into account that prevention is better than regret.