How to create offers in Prestashop?

What is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is free open source software as an e-commerce solution. It supports payment gateways like DirecPay , Google Checkout,, Skill, PayPal and PayPal Payments Pro (Direct) through their respective APIs. Additional payment modules are offered commercially.

PrestaShop is available under the Open Software License and officially launched in August 2007.

 How to create offers in Prestashop

Publishing offers and discounts in your online store is an easy way to attract new customers, so it is never too much to boost the visibility of certain products to consolidate the relationship with users of our store.

With Prestashop 1.6 you can apply discounts by percentage and quantity on any item.

Users already accustomed to shopping online claim that they prefer this option because, in addition to being more comfortable, they always find lower prices and spend time finding the lowest price and making comparisons.

Even in their mentality they associate buying online with cheap prices. With this in mind, it is essential to consider offering discounts on certain products to increase sales and strengthen customers.

Prestashop has the option to create discounts on the products and that they are visible as such, that is to say that both the normal price (strikethrough) and the reduced price (highlighted) are displayed automatically.To do this, we have to go to Catalog> Products and select Modify in the article that we want to make the offer.

Once inside, click on the Price window.

In the next screen you have to click on the button Add a specific price.

In the screen that appears, you can set offers with the following criteria:
  • By currencies, countries or groups of customers. You can choose all the values ​​or one in particular.
  • Choose a specific customer. Only such customer will benefit from that offer.
  • Set a default date for this offer to be effective
  • Apply the offer from a purchased quantity of the product.
  • The rebate that you establish in the price can be a fixed amount or a percentage, applying it to the common price or to a new price.
  • You can also activate the option Show this product on sale to highlight them even more by means of an icon.

If you want to apply the same discount to articles belonging to one or more categories or with other characteristics, you have to click on the option called Price Rules of the catalog. There will appear all the functions mentioned above but with the option to be able to condition them by category, manufacturer, supplier, attributes and characteristics.

Thanks to this option you will be able to make discounts on the articles that are less sold in your store and, thus, give them greater visibility and make them an attractive for the client. Can you think of another way to check out the products that you sell the least?