How to get users to trust our website

Trust is an essential engine for all kinds of actions, in the most diverse orders of life. The Internet does not escape this rule. Buying on an e-commerce site, conducting a home banking operation, hiring someone from what we saw in your online portfolio or even accepting advice that we read on a blog are actions that require trust.

Many companies – especially those that have existed since before the Internet age – build trust in consumers through actions outside the Net: in their commercial premises, in events, in television advertisements, etc. Thus, that confidence is transferred to the website and social networks of the brand. But what happens to those companies whose structure works almost exclusively within the Internet? In this case, it is essential to gain trust through good design, a skillful content strategy and an adequate online sales service, among other resources. To achieve this, today we offer these tips.

Easy to use. The interface of our website should be intuitive for new users and at the same time complex enough to captivate experienced users. The challenge is to always add new options (so that users spend more and more time doing operations on the site) without losing usability.

Provide a transparent flow. The user must know at all times what awaits him behind each link. For example, if you are in the process of buying a product, you must know, before confirming the transaction, that the shipment has an additional cost.

Offer options by default. Good default settings and recommendations make things work out automatically.

Provide clear information. We must be transparent and publish, in a visible place, our policy on data usage. Users should know if their data will be shared or not with third parties.

Explain our service. When the user first comes to our site, you must immediately understand what our service consists of and what sets us apart from other companies. A headline in generous size may be the way to achieve it.

Show customer testimonials. It always helps to make known the opinions of customers who were satisfied with our product. Showing the photo of each of them increases the credibility of the testimony. A similar feature is to show the awards and positive reviews we have received on blogs and other media.

Respect the conventions. The site should function just as the user expects. That is why it is important to respect the design conventions applied in most websites. For example, a universal convention is that, by clicking on the logo, we must return to the main page.

In e-commerce sites, trust is especially important: the user needs to know that the company is legitimate, that their privacy will be safeguarded and that the product that they buy will do exactly what they want. If these conditions are not met, it is impossible for us to buy our products. That is why the advice given in this article can help us improve our sales.