How to increase indexing speed on Google

How to increase indexing speed on Google

All SEO looks for the way to belong to the Google club and they do a hard job to put their websites to compete. The work of an SEO starts from choosing a domain, choosing the hosting and even choosing the platform on which to build your website.

It also takes hours selecting keywords and where and how we will publish the content of the site.

But after we have created our website, with all the basic SEO rules what is the next step? Sitting just waiting for Google to go through the site is not an option. The time it takes Google to index our site is very important. We have to work to make the Google robot pass as fast as possible and index our site.

There are faster ways we can use to decrease indexing time.

Some of these are:

Link, link and more links. Try to get as many links as you can. If they are sites with important traffic better and even more if they have an important page rank.

Fresh and updated content. Keeping constant movement and content updates is imperative.

It uses the power of social networks. Nowadays social networks have become an indispensable tool for SEO. Write on them regularly.

Use social media. Sites like Facebook, twitter, link Lind, instagram visited very frequently by the Google robot. Any link that Google finds there will certainly follow.

AdSense. In order for Google to be able to determine the ads it will post on the website, it needs to enter the website. So if you can use it, do it.