How to recognize keywords for your web

How to recognize keywords for your web

Nowadays SEO is a determining factor for any brand that wants to position itself on the internet, and it turns out that keywords or keywords are a fundamental element in this optimization, remember that these are the most used terms by users in search engines at the moment To make a query, but beware, not all keywords offer the same opportunities, so we must be very cautious in their selection.

Relevance is the first determining factor when recognizing if a word is effective enough, do not forget that your purpose is to attract specific customers and not to anyone, so it is essential the relevance of your keyword in the niche market or area To which you belong.

You can start by examining with terms related directly to your products, first because it will be easier to incorporate them in the text and second, to avoid the user feeling cheated, which you will surely be grateful for, for example, in the case of this article use words Such as “SEO or Web positioning”, would be ideal, are relevant in our niche market and attract the target.

Similarly use specific keywords on the subject is another factor to consider to improve our web positioning, keep in mind that keywords can be a single word or a set of them, so it is important that we do not stray and stay A balance, so you can attract a large number of users but a specific area.

We return to the previous example, in our case, we can incorporate keywords as “keywords” that is specifically what we talk about, but also “SEO” or “SEO” that have to do with our article but not the central theme.

But let’s not forget the commercial value in our keywords, if your topic allows you can incorporate words that imply a commercial action that the user wants to make and that has to do with your business, the most common would be an intention to buy as “budget Of virtual store “or” price of web page “in this way attracts target directly towards the purchase of your services through the content.

But beware, as we mentioned earlier this can only be done if your theme allows you, do not forget that cheating users will not benefit you at all.

Finally the low competition, we usually use very general keywords that generate a lot of traffic due to their common use, however this is not always ideal, remember that the more traffic you generate the more competition you will have, so if you are starting with your online business, Ideal would be to position yourself with terms that are indeed sought but not so common, so you may have a greater chance of highlighting until you establish yourself effectively.