How to Start Your own online Business in 7 Steps?

How to Start Your own online Business in 7 Steps?

If you are opening your new business, we are sure that you have several questions. The list of things you have to do may seem endless, but reading this article you will be completing the first one. Here at Exabyte info we are proud to say that we have already helped more than 100 million people with their online presence and many of them are enterprising.

Do you want to know how to launch your own business? Here we leave 7 fundamental steps that you have to do to become an entrepreneur.

Understand Your Market

To prepare you for a new business, you have to do a little research and understand where you stand. Try to understand who the great players are in your field, what your potential competition might be and who your customers could become.
Ask yourself: What is missing from existing businesses? How can you stand out from the rest? This little ingredient will be the key to your recipe for success.

Build a Map

Once you have researched you will be clearer on how your business can be seen and who your audience will be. The next step? Plan your time. Whether you have to open a store and rent a store or you are developing a new product in a factory, you need to have a list of things to do and understand how long it will take you to complete each one.

Create a Budget and a Business Plan

Once your map is complete, you have to think about a budget. Try to be as specific as possible, even if it requires a little more time than you thought. You want to be sure you can do it.
Here we leave you 11 tricks to open your business on a low budget.

Together, your map and your budget will be the basic principles of your business plan. If you are launching a project that requires outside investment, then this information will also be of great importance to present.

Design a New Website

No business is legitimate if they do not have a website that proves it. A good online presence is an incredible way to share your idea with clients, investors and even your family and friends. Creating a web page, for example, with Wix , can be a great way to give a twist to your idea and understand if you have already thought of all the details.

Communicate it

Ready to open doors? Whether you have a store or an online business, it is always important to advertise to the masses.
Start your project by posting it on Facebook or Twitter, obviously with a link to your amazing website. If you would like to communicate by email we are sure that you already know the incredible Wix Shout Out tool.

You will want as many people as possible to find out about your business and that means getting out of the computer too (Remember that elevator speech and practice it in front of the mirror) Take advantage of every situation!

Analyze your results

Once you have a little experience, you can look back and analyze your steps. It may be difficult to see the full picture, but by doing so you will understand a lot of things. You can use Google Analytics to better understand the behavior of your visitors and understand why they do things. From the offline side, you can ask yourself, your partner or your employees what works and what does not.


The internet is amazing for a lot of things, but one of the best for us is the ability to interact with your users. Ask them what they like, invite them to leave your opinion and feel part of your brand.
Then, once you have collected information about what you think, you begin to make the necessary adjustments.