Importance of Keyword Research in 2021


The high visibility in Google search results is the core of any online business portal. Just having a features studded site does not serve the true purpose of business. We need an effective search engine optimization to make the website visible to maximum potential customers. If the web site is not keywords rich, we can’t get results even from the best SEO. All the energy and efforts being invested in making your website optimized will go waste unless it has the words and phrases commonly used by potential buyers. So, intensive keyword research to find out most relevant and traffic delivering keywords is as important as deciding the attractive web features.

When It Should Be Done

True, web content can be made keywords oriented at any stage but just making changes in content doesn’t serve the purpose. In this case, we will need changes in other technical parameters also to get SEO results. So, it is advised to create a site with keywords rich content, meta, meta-tag description, titles and heading etc. Therefore, successful keyword research is an important exercise to be performed simultaneously with layout, designing and development of website.

Give An Edge To Keyword Research

The mantra is: Fix the targeted audience, know their language and explore the words they us commonly. It is the process to find out most used words or phrases people may use to get the desired information in www world. Some free keyword research tools may help you out but to make the search more focused, it is better to divide the entire process in steps:

  • Discovering appealing keywords
  • Analyzing promising keywords
  • Selecting prominent Keywords

The first step of ‘Discovering Keywords’ should focus upon identifying numbers of keywords that seem more relevant to website and potential visitors. Talk to your potential customers, discuss with channel partners and explore the results of different search engines to discover the appealing keywords. According to survey reports, majority of targeted audience of any website uses phrases of 2 words, so do not focus entire efforts just upon single word keywords; insert some popular phrases also.

The second step of ‘Analyzing Keywords’ involves getting additional information about the competition in terms of searches, traffic and Google page rank. Here, you may need some tools to simplify the process; and there are many free tools for this purpose. Some of those are:

  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Keyword Suggestion
  • Keyword Discovery
  • WordTracker

However, the results of these free keywords research tool vary at large. Take some keywords from each report and compare their Google ranking.

The third step of ‘Selecting Keywords’ involves the short-listing of prominent keywords. It is you to pick up the best match from the numbers of reports crated by free tools. While selecting the Keywords set, also keep in mind the competition level also. If yours is a new website, do not focus only upon the most competitive keywords; work over non-competitive keywords also. Selection of more generic keywords makes the website SEO tougher.

After proper selection of prominent keywords, incorporate those selected keywords following technical parameters. Website page content, headings, sub-headings, meta-descriptions, meat tags and titles all should be supported with relevant keyword. Stuffing of keywords may blunt the edge of keyword research; so, do not try to impress search engines by keywords spamming.

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