Know what domain extensions are

Know what domain extensions are

Sure you’ve heard of domain extensions for websites, but do you know what they are and how they can help your business become an online referral?

When creating a website you must think very well about the extension of domain to give a good name to the site; if you do not know what we are talking about, read on and know what domain extensions are.

Domain extensions are all those letters at the end of a website URL, such as .com, .mx, .net, or .edu. These letters tell us their geographical location or the nature of the website.

When you are about to create a website for your company you must choose the domain extension very well to be the ideal according to the services provided by your business. A well thought out domain extension can give the web presence that your site needs to have an image of quality and trust to users.

Types of Domain Extensions

There are two types of domain extensions: generic top-level, or gTLD, and second-level country code, or ccTLD.

Generic top-level domain extensions are those that are used in general, are not associated with a particular geographic area and anyone who wants to buy a domain for your website can use it for registration.

Some generic extensions that can be adapted to what your company does, and that you can use without any restrictions, are:

.com: It is the most used in websites of companies of commercial use or of contents. Unfortunately, because of the frequent use it has, very few domains are available with this extension forcing people to register their domain with another domain.

.org: It is the extension most used by non-profit and governmental organizations. Equally it is used by companies of social activities or of cultural or scientific diffusion.

.info: Used for websites that contain only information about a company, product or service.

.net: Is the abbreviation of network and is a wildcard used for the extension .com when it is already occupied. In certain cases, large and prestigious companies also buy this extension of domain to avoid that some other company can do it and thus avoid the confusion and competition in the market.

.biz: It is used for companies that are exclusively dedicated to business and when the extension .com and .net are already occupied.

.TV: This extension is used for television programs or media websites.

.cc: It is also a wildcard for the .com extension, since it is global domain, although it is not yet widely used.

.xxx: An extension used for websites with adult content.

.ws: It is the abbreviation for web site and, although it is also a wildcard for the .com extension, it is not very used in the network.

Within the generic top-level domain extensions or gTLD are restricted, which can only be used by those companies or institutions that meet certain requirements.

Some examples are: .biz.gob or and .eduUsed only for educational or government institutions.

Also, sponsored or sTLD top-level domain extensions are extensions exclusive to private organizations, such as:

.aero: For institutions related to aeronautics.

.coop: Used for cooperative enterprises.

.Asia: Extension reserved for the Asia region.

Second-level country code domain extensions or ccTLDs are extensions that are used primarily to identify the geographical area of ​​a website.

These extensions consist of two letters representing the country of origin of the site. For example:

.mx: Mexico

.fr: France

.us: United States

.com: Spain

.ar: Argentina

.ec: Ecuador

.eu: Europe

.co: Colombia

.bo: Bolivia