Listen to your customers’ opinions

Listen to your customers' opinions
The importance of the opinions of the clients in a web

Maintaining a successful website is more than just designing a beautiful page and having controlled aspects that directly influence SEO positioning. In the context of the network, competition is only a click away, which means that factors that go well beyond the correction or optimization for search engines come into play.

To succeed in an ecommerce, you must have a good reputation: an image that conveys confidence to customers and that puts us in direct contact with them. Never underestimate how powerful the feedback tool can become; a tool that comes to life in the field of electronic commerce in the form of comments and that requires intelligent and professional management.

In fact, the comments are of great help to improve our online store and its effectiveness can be measured thanks to the following points:

1.  The comments convey authenticity

Comments show potential customers that the product has already been consumed, and that therefore the store has enough maturity to radiate confidence. Both positive and negative must be shown, since clients tend to distrust.

2. from authenticity to trust, and from trust to sale

If the customer feels in a space shared by other users, you will have enough security to spend money.

3. Yes. Also useful for SEO

The organic generation of comments has shown to improve the positioning of the page, which consequently increases the influx of users.

4.  Opportunity for improvement

What at first may seem an assault on the prestige of our ecommerce, is actually an opportunity to optimize our online store. It consists of finding the faults that our store may have in the process of attracting customers or selling products.

5. Commentary in hand, faithful client

The comments serve to make customers feel heard, which is an excellent way to keep them and to recover those who have been dissatisfied.