Long Tail Keywords What are they and what is their importance?

Long Tail Keywords What are they and what is their importance?

Learn a little more about Long Tail Keywords, to improve your content strategy and increase quality traffic on your website.

We know that in the world of SEO, keywords or keywords are a fundamental factor for a good positioning, since, among other functions, are the ones that allow us to target our target and satisfy their needs in a more effective way, and it is This is why for any SEO professional, ignoring them is NOT an option.

In this sense, learning to identify and use the right keywords for our website is of vital importance. So, in this case, we will talk about long tail keywords, or better known by their Anglo-Saxon name Long Tail Keywords, these, as its name indicates, are “key phrases” because they are composed of several words, For example, in the case of this article the general keyword would be “keyword” and the long tail keyword would be precisely “long tail keywords” is it getting a little clearer?

Perfect, now, among its benefits we can mainly count that allow to cover more potential customers, since searches are usually done using phrases, which would be our long tail keywords.

In addition, they tend to be more specific than basic or general keywords; We explain, regular keywords usually cover a large amount of web traffic, in fact, and we go back to put an example to this article, according to a previous study the keyword “keywords” covers a volume of 1300 searches, so we would have A great competition between which to highlight; However the key phrase “long tail keyword” covers a volume of 70 searches, so we would have a smaller amount of competition and therefore much more likely that users, like you, read this article.

They can also be a bit more lucrative , since, for example, if you have a virtual perfume shop, while a general keyword can be “perfumes” the long tail keyword would be “buying original perfumes” by calling a specific action And actually the one that interests us most, to sell.

At this point we can conclude that long tail keywords are of vital importance, especially if you are starting with your online business, since with these you can give a more specific touch to your keyword search, and also make you a little easier plus the task of achieving a good position in search engines. Take into account that sometimes it is preferable to go slowly but surely, and this is precisely what you will achieve using long tail keywords.