Magento is not so difficult or complicated

Magento is not so difficult or complicated

Since my inception with Magento, I have always been chased by the rumor of the great complexity of Magento. There are rumors about the network that you must be, at least, a computer engineer to handle it. I even read that you should know how to program to have a store in Magento. In short, it seems that there are many interests behind all these claims. And I think it’s time to break a spear in favor of Magento’s ease of use.

Magento does many things

Let’s see; Magento does many things, things that its more direct rivals are beginning to implement timidly. When covering so many options, it is normal to have many places to indicate how to do things. But I assure you, that once you explain a little how the environment works everything is simple. Personally, the prestashop environment seems to me much more confusing and chaotic.

At Magento everything is organized, everything is in place. This is most appreciated when facing more complex situations like multi-store architectures and the like. But I assure you that when you’ve worked with Magento, all other back end look like toys to you. Ask your current store system if it is capable of doing URL rewriting by changing the name of an article, if it is able to radically change all its appearance, or prices, or catalog in a new URL to publish simultaneously In several countries. If you have a cms in conditions to be able to reference blocks of code, articles, blogs, etc.

A tricycle is simpler than a motorcycle

A tricycle is simpler than a motorcycle, right? With both you can circulate on a paved surface, but with which of the two vehicles can you travel further and in more complex conditions? Which is more complicated? Do you need to be a mechanic to drive a motorcycle? Obviously, to get on a motorcycle, you need more training than to get on a tricycle and roll downhill.

To take the bike you will need some time to understand its basic operation. And there may be the problem there, we cannot pretend that immediately after installing the software the orders are already coming. We have to do things with more professionalism, and magento is a system designed to do things well, with professionalism.

In definitive, before saying that magento is complicated, give yourself an opportunity to know how it does things. If it is the number one in the world it will be for some reason.