Magento, the favorite e-commerce platform.

Magento, the favorite e-commerce platform.

Internet has changed, among other things, the habits of consumption and the way of acquiring products or services thanks to its global presence, making it possible to sell or buy anywhere on the planet, at any time and at any time. The websites that offer these possibilities are the so – called e-commerce.

Among the advantages of electronic commerce we can mention the greater variety of goods or goods that potential customers have through the network and for companies a significant reduction of costs (personnel, physical stores, warehouses, etc.) and the elimination of intermediaries allowing in this way to offer more convenient prices.

But in order to implement these virtual stores, it is necessary to have a platform that provides all the necessary functions to facilitate the process of selection and purchase. One of the first was os-commerce, but over time new technologies have appeared that offer greater flexibility, control, appearance and functionality in the development of virtual stores.

One of these new technologies, and perhaps the most used at the moment is Magento , an Open Source platform that offers countless advantages over its competitors. One of its main characteristics, and perhaps the most appreciated by its users, is its high configuration and customization capacity.

Among the benefits offered by Magento are:

It allows you to control multiple websites and virtual stores simultaneously through a single control panel.

Create promotions and coupons through modern marketing tools, and allow them to be limited to user levels, types of clients, duration in time, etc.

It is highly visual. Virtually all content is in view of facilitating the operations manager and providing an interface simple and practical.

It supports geographical, language, currency and even allows setting taxes and other additional.

Orders are generated on a single page and manages the repetition of previous orders by registered users.

High-quality standardized, scalable images and a wide range of tools for managing virtual catalogs.

It allows the customer to establish parameters of comparison between products, set up personalized lists, recommend products to friend’s contacts, etc.

These and other features have given Magento a privileged place within the world of e-commerce tools and its growth is sustained since its creation in 2008, and is today one of the most used platforms for the development and implementation of sites Dedicated to the sale of products on line.