Online Shopping increases 90 percent per Sale

Online Shopping increases 90 percent per Sale

In India, many online stores make their october in the middle of winter. During these days of rebates the trend is that you buy more and you make it from home. Online purchases have increased 60% in the first days of rebates compared to 6% experienced by physical stores. The average user spending over the Internet is 70$ and offers up to 95%.

The rebates arrive and with them the madness to find products at a good price. The art of looking for bargains has taken on a new meaning thanks to the Internet. Buying from the home sofa, without schedules, at competitive prices and without queues is a practice that more and more users practice.

The data of the portal Showroom rive, second online store with more sales volume at indian level, show a great increase of the consumption in the network with respect to the physical one. Online consumption has increased by 60% ten times more than purchases in stores.

A buyer of physical stores will invest about 60$ on average in this period of discounts. This figure becomes smaller if we talk about Internet users who consume on the network. The average figure among consumers of online sales pages is 65$ 35% cheaper getting the same number of products.

Discounts in online stores during the rebate period can reach up to 95%. A Showroomprive space can reach up to 85% discount even without shipping costs. The variety of products in the network is really great, surpassing in many cases the stocks of the physical stores.

The use of the Internet at the time of making purchases on sale also allows to compare articles to help make a decision. The possibilities of the online purchase are gradually becoming popular and the data of the sales come to confirm the good moment and the future hopeful of this type of commerce.