Promote your online store without cost

Promote your online store without cost

If at last you launched your online store you should promote it and give it the visibility it deserves. Here you will find ways to do it without cost and with simplicity.

Finally you did it: uploaded all the wonderful photos, wrote irresistible content, organized your products into SEO-friendly categories and programmed your payment methods, taxes and shipping options. Mentally review your list of earrings, breathe deeply and publicly. Your online store is alive and you cannot wait for the shopping carts to fill with the wonders you have to offer.

Promote your store that easy

There is no doubt that online shoppers exist. Globally, e-commerce reached $ 1.9 trillion in 2016. You only have to capture a piece of that pie – the buyers that fit your demographic target.

Before you consider inserting digital ads or saturating flyers some mall tries with these five ways to attract qualified traffic to your online store.

Start with social networks

You’ll check your Facebook account at least once a day, right? Then do it with your business. The popularity of social networking shows no signs of detriment, so it is a good strategy to promote your online store using the platforms that your potential customers use.

Create a Facebook page for your online store

Invite your friends to share it and start posting relevant and interesting (shareable) content that prompts users to enter your site. If you have an online store through Go Daddy it is very easy to connect it to your Facebook page.

Start tweeting about your store

Reach your current followers and attract new ones by offering them exclusive discounts and special offers – in less than 140 characters or less, of course.

Prepare a business page on Google+

This simple action will improve the performance of your site in other Google products, such as search engines and maps. You can use G + to publish relevant information about your products and services and, above all, to interact in real time with tools like Hangouts. The best? It’s very simple!

Appeal to images in Pinterest and Instagram

Post photos and videos of your products in action. Capture scenes of your business behind the scenes.

Includes social sharing buttons

Make them note! You should try to make it as simple as possible so that they like and share your site and products. Do not miss the opportunity to drive traffic to your online store by including your URL in your Facebook, Twitter and other publications.

Locate yourself on the map

How many times have you looked for “the nearest pizzeria” on your phone and find options like by magic? You want your business to show up on a map when potential customers are looking for products and services that you offer.

Find who can review you

Whether you sell cosmetics, pancakes, canine collars or dresses, there will always be someone online who writes about those products. You lose nothing in offering a test of your products or services to a blogger with a good reputation. Even if they do not agree to write the review it is useful to let them know that you would appreciate their professional opinion.

Do not forget your happy buyers! Their reviews strongly influence other buyers. Ask them to send you testimonials and rate your products.