Website SEO and Promotions

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Use the most powerful advertising solutions, strengthen your presence and measure the impact of your campaigns to reach your goals. We ensure the strategy design, the planning and the executions of the promotional SEO campaigns online to reinforce the positioning of your site on the search engines, the visibility of your products and your services on the Internet.
Make your offer, products and services emerge. Being in the right place, at the right time, locally and internationally. Generate qualified contacts and create opportunities.
In short, make digital the engine of your growth. Our mission is part of an approach that aims to ensure the best return on investment.


Developing a Web project on the Internet requires many BLOCKS that must fit perfectly. You could think that it is always like this, that all those involved in designing and programming a Web page are always in contact and in constant communication so that the result is the expected one, but it is not necessarily true, especially when the projects are not clear objective.
Ensure the best positioning, target the right audience, increase traffic and get conversions at the best price. Exabyte supports their clients and partners in the development of their Web Presence Strategies and Social Media Campaigns. Experts in Web Promotion & performance improvement of e-commerce, B2C or B2B sites, our actions are refined and result-oriented based on your objectives.

Social Media & SEO for Online Store

Whether to improve the SEO of a B2B or B2C eCommerce, to create advertising campaigns on Google, We ensure the design of promotional e-mailers of your e-commerce, Exabyte accompanies your teams and advises you continuously and the management of performance improvement levers for your online store. Since the evolution of e-commerce and online sales, our recommendations are based on the many actions undertaken on behalf of clients in relation to their objectives and constraints.

On-Page & Off-Page Optimization

We optimize your pages as per Google Recommendations for an organic SEO and Search engine submission purposes. We create healthy back-links to boost your search visibility over the web. We nourish your targeted Keywords and execute powerful campaigns. As you may already know that these search engines are based crawling bots which check your site structure and schema in order to establish you on the web searches according to your reputation so feeding exact content and the keywords it need resulting a powerful presence among your competitors.
It brings your website on the top when your potential customers are looking for your business related keywords. For any other information about our SEO process for on-page & off-page, kindly get in touch.

Digital Promotion Services


A perfect Keyword Analysis for your target market and audience is the Key to a successful implementation of your promotion campaign. Exabyte perform a comprehensive analysis for keywords with respect to your competitors and future prospects.


Strategies are build in Exabyte so that we showcase your products or services in order to establish your Brand identity and Market Positining. We have experts who built optimum periodical strategies for your Online Marketing Campaign.


Each word has an impact more consise and coherent sentences made long lasting impression on user prospective, if you fail to make a mark on a visitors memory, they will easily forget you in short span. Exabyte develops content which is creative, 100% unique and coherent.


It seems difficult to drive a web campaign which is fully automated but in Exabyte Informatics we have perfected the automation you just need to build a perfect base campaign once and over the time we re-schedule that automatically along will timely improvisation.


SMM is a key to spread your word in communities and interact your users personally in their inbox or on that page. We build SMM campaigns with most effective tools and keywords content. Either they are a paid campaign or a promotional one, we guarantee 100% results.


Each penny should spent wisely on campaign otherwise there will be a failed campaign. Due to over expenses many businesses loose interest and they do not get cost effective leads but in Exabyte Informatics, we count each penny spent should be worthwhile and ROI should be there.


Either is Facebook Ads or AdMob campaign; we track the results and improvise our strateggies on daily basis. Exabyte offers your advanced tools to mange your campaigns like other big brands implement for their new product and market acquisition. We are committed to get you results.


We build and manage online reputation for Brands, if you face sudden negative hauls on your fake feedbacks and reviews, we get them removed over the web and build other genuine review from your existing clients. We take ORM very seriously for results and act with perfection.


For moving a step forward if you would like to go to paid media for your business leads or awareness, we drive you on the top of the Google pages and make users go for your offerings. An effective strategies for SEA will lead to more organic traffic and build you new clients.

Let’s bring new clients for you.

We promote your website for a competitive edge with our SEO and Social media activities. If needed we go to extra miles in order to make sure in a way that your visitors easily find the information they look for, resulting in a mesmerizing and result-oriented user experience.