Do we want to design an online marketing campaign but we are not very clear what we should keep in mind? Invest in SEO On-Page . Take note of the following points with which you will get your pages indexed more quickly with Google (or other search engines).

Do a ‘Keyword Research:

The keywords are the ones that define and limit the theme of our website and each page of it. They are a key element of SEO On-Page. When choosing them we must analyze their monthly search volume and what level of competition they have. In this way we can know if our page will look more or less easily in a search for a user on Google.

Optimize your web content:

It’s time to start analyzing the texts that make up our page. The URL , ‘ Meta Title ‘ and ‘ Meta Descriptions ‘ must comply with the ‘normative’ indexing, ie have a number of optimal characters for SEO (About 67 for ‘Meta Title’, and 155 For ‘Meta Description’).

In addition, we always have to take advantage of and include the analyzed keywords , highlighted in bold , so that the search engines have easier to index our content.
It should always be clear that entering the keywords in the texts of our website should not be very forced, but the user will not enjoy reading and will not have a good user experience.

One note to keep in mind is that keywords should appear between one and three times out of 100 words, so that it does not get heavy.

Add content to your images:

You have to work on the ‘ ALT Images ‘, which would be the descriptions of the images. This ” alternative text ” is what search engines will use to show it knowing what it contains. Here you also have to take advantage and, whenever it is related to the content of the image, enter the appropriate keywords.


If within your own text you point to other URLs of your same domain, you will get the person to navigate more through your page. What would come to be binding to oneself.
This is a Marketing strategy that search engines value a lot, so take advantage of this technique that will not cost you any effort and improve the SEO level of your Site.

Improve the usability of the web:

Finally, keep in mind that the point that will value any search engine, especially Google, to index your page is: Decrease the time and speed of loading , so you do not have to wait a considerable amount of time to be able View full web content.