SEO Secrets To Promote Your Business

SEO Secrets To Promote Your Business


Search engine optimization (or SEO) can scare small businesses. Entrepreneurs just starting out have to compete with larger companies that have been in the market for a longer time and have a lot more money to invest in online marketing. But today, creating your online presence is a must.

The good news is that search engines such as Google and Bing are very fair, providing the same opportunities for all businesses to come out on top. Your goal is to display the web page that is most relevant in the search, no matter how large or small the company is. It is important to keep in mind that, unlike other online marketing methods, SEO is free.

There are lots of easy and effective ways for the ranking of your web page to upload and bring you new users. The first thing you have to do is (obviously) create a web page. After that, we invite you to try these 7 tips to promote your business.

Find Your Niche

The more specific your niche, the easier it will be to separate your competition. You’re more likely to have a high ranking in Google if you focus on attracting a specific niche, small, instead of trying to target everyone.
Let’s say you have a construction company in a medium or small city.

Think about what kind of market you could reach. Focus especially on being an environmentally friendly builder,renovating kitchens or house facades.
Then make sure all of your marketing materials, both online and offline are reflecting that. While you may not be the only option in the city, before you know it, you can be the first in the market.

Choose Keywords with Wisdom

Once you have chosen your niche,make a list with the keywords you want to promote in the content of your web page, social networks and your blog.

Google Keyword Planner will tell you how many people are looking for different terms each month and will help you choose the right ones for you.

You may want to focus on the so-called “long tail” words.These are phrases that contain between 3 and 5 words, apart from receiving fewer searches per month, are less competitive. This means you have more chances to appear first with these phrases. An example? “Renovations of kitchen with ecological floors” instead of “renovation of kitchen”.

Focus on the Local

Do not try to compete on a national scale. Instead,strive to shake the market that surrounds you.There are many things you can do to be the favorite of your local market. Use your address on every page of your site.

Connect with members of your community,with other small business owners and with associations like the chamber of commerce.

Approach a local newspaper to see if they can write a story that includes your business.All these actions will help the search engines to associate your business with your area, making you more likely to exit first in the searches of your city.

Focus on Opportunities

As you make connections,try to find other web pages related to yours.The Chamber of Commerce or a local newspaper are fantastic places to start.

Find people who write blogs about interesting topics for your audience that can mention your business.Old colleagues or past clients can also help.Search engines consider links as evidence of credibility and importance,so try to create a network with several pages linked to yours.

Receive Reviews

Yellow pages or online directories can be very helpful if you want to boost your ranking in search engines, especially if you are a local business.Create a custom profile for your business in directories like Google+, Yelp and others.Then encourage your customers to write reviews to your business on those sites.
As they receive a lot of traffic,these sites tend to be earlier in the rankings than the website of the business itself.

Optimize your Mobile Site

If your website is optimized for phones and mobile devices, Google congratulates you.Yes, it is true, mobile-optimized sites reach higher ranks in search engines.Another way to give yourself a boost in SEO: Take a look at Wix Mobile Editor and make sure your site looks as amazing on mobile as on the desktop.

Write a Blog

You can use keywords and write posts by answering some of your users’ frequently asked questions. Apart from that, blogs can catch the attention of your potential customers as well as that of Google.Search engines are in love with content, especially when it is well written.Adding a blog to your web page is a relatively easy way to generate new content on a regular basis.