SEO Tips for take your website on Google first page

SEO Tips for take your website on Google first page

Everyone wants to get on the first page of Google, but the question is how? Read on for these top 10 essential SEO tips to see how you can rank your website.

 – Use Meaningful Titles

An attention-grabbing title increases the chance of someone visiting your site. As such, the title should incorporate the primary SEO keyword when possible and precede a strong introductory sentence.

  -Incorporate Subsections

Once you have your reader’s attention, keep them interested by dividing the article into 100 word subsections. This is not only aesthetically pleasing, it increases article readability and entices the reader to follow along.

-Create Content with Substance

Search engines prioritize and index content that’s relevant and meaningful. Your primary goal is to create high-quality content that engages the reader and provides them with useful information.

– Know Your Audience

You’ll have a better chance at engaging your audience and establishing credibility if you understand their interests and needs. This contributes to garnering a higher number of unique visitors and increasing your conversion optimization.

-Post Interesting Pictures

Posting interesting pictures is a visually appealing way to draw the reader in and keep them interested. Make sure to include alt text to go along with your pictures so search engines can view it as well.

-Use Keywords Proportionately

Be careful not to overly optimize copy, as this can make it difficult or confusing to read. While keyword density has its benefits, search engines consider overuse as keyword stuffing or spam.

-Avoid Black Hat Techniques

Black hat techniques are disapproved practices to increase SEO value. By going against a search engine’s terms of service, you run the risk of penalizing your site. Instead, focus on proper SEO practices to attain organic results.

– Include Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

Title tags & Meta descriptions are crucial to accurately portraying your page on the SERPs. Keep title tags between 45-55 characters and Meta descriptions between 145-155 characters. If possible, incorporate keywords into each as well.

-Link Strategically

If you’re using links in your copy, be strategic and use relevant anchor text. Limit outbound links to those you absolutely need and develop a complex link profile, especially if you’re citing sources.

-End with a Strong Call-to-Action

Recall the primary purpose of your SEO copy when creating a call-to-action statement and use compelling action words like shop, start, learn, or discover. Make it crystal clear to the reader what the next step should be.