SEO tips you can apply in 2017

SEO tips you can apply in 2017

Identifies “black traffic”

If your Google Analytics report shows high volumes of direct traffic to internal pages of your web, you are suffering from “dark traffic” in English, this is one of the aspects that you must keep in mind next year.

When Google Analytics cannot identify the source of a user who visits the web, that visit will be taken as “direct traffic”, even when it is unlikely that that user has entered the URL of the site in their browser. On the other hand, dark traffic can be counted as a large part of the total visits you get, so keeping track of your marketing activities will be more complicated. You can work hard to increase your organic traffic, as well as social and mobile, however, you will not be sure what is really working.

At times, the best way to deal with “black traffic” is to create a direct traffic report in Google Analytics and then filter the pages that attract visitors directly, such as your homepage or important content. This will allow you to better estimate the amount of dark traffic to your Web.

Pay close attention to the following

In we have other SEO tips that you can apply next year and that you must be very present so that your strategy bears fruit:

The rich answers or “rich answers” will be one of the important factors of SEO in 2016, these relate to the direct search query responses and displayed at the top of the results page (SERPs) of Google. Its frequency is increasing for the next year. Google uses a lot of external data (75%) in order to give “rich answers”, so for your content to appear in these, you must use the long tail keywords to find questions that people in your Niche and create content that gives clear and good answers.

ASO (App store optimization) positioning: The rise of mobile telephony has reached its peak and grown exponentially this year, so different companies are looking to develop their own mobile applications, creating the need for optimization in them to be able to succeed Among so much competition. You must work on the aspects related to the management of “apps”, to be displayed on the results page, from the logo to the videos about their use, through the name and description.

Future of keywords

Keyword search is the basis of SEO and content marketing campaigns, with the update Hummingbird Google “understands” the meaning of searches, and gives results for keywords other than those People write, but they are closely related and have good content. So it would be best to start optimizing pages for groups of keywords and write good content.

The interactive content will be the king

Emphasis should be placed on local search , which should be more segmented. Google Business and Places only show 3 results instead of 10 on the first page, but a click through these can reveal a list of 20 more results. Local or large-scale companies should pay close attention to locality programming, which should become a priority to have a fixed market that wants relevant results.

Content has been the “king of SEO” for a long time, however, as we have said, times evolve and interaction with users is something that must be vital. It seems that the interactive content will be one of the most used during 2016, an example of this are online quizzes, which force users to have a more “real” contact with the brand, however, it is up to you to use The creativity to take advantage of this aspect.

Video marketing is also a trend to take into account, as it gets more engagement from the users.

We hope these tips have been very useful to you, what other point do you think should be on this list? Send us your comments or if you prefer, share this post in your social networks.