The 10 most popular JavaScript frameworks

The 10 most popular JavaScript frameworks

JavaScript continues to grow and the number of frameworks and libraries that are commonly used begins to be very high. It is impossible for developers to know them all. But if it is important to know which are the most popular, let’s take a look.

Angular.js :

This framework does not need presentation because it is the framework MVW (Model View Whatever) of Google that has been in charge to bring order to the applications JavaScript and to enhance the Arquitecturas SPA.


The Facebook library oriented to the management of the UI. Use the concepts of Dataflow and Reactive programming to simplify the process of updating the view.


One of the JavaScript frameworks that is gaining more traction in the market and that supports the concept of Isomorphic JavaScript applications, those applications that can execute their JavaScript code in client and server.


The JavaScript library oriented to date management, with it the handling of temporary variables has become much simpler.


One of the classics, it’s been many years since it appeared on the market and it became the de facto standard when I manipulated the DOM tree . Nowadays its use is still very present although alternatives like Angular already approach of another way.


One of the most advanced JavaScript frameworks on the market when designing responsive solutions. His strong use of Media Queries and a Mobile First approach have catapulted him to the top.


One of the most used MVC JavaScript frameworks that is supported in Underscore and jQuery when it comes to addressing JavaScript solutions and does not have a learning curve as high as Angular .


I could not miss this library that is responsible for validating if our browser supports one or another feature of HTML 5, allowing developers to act accordingly. Remember that HTML5 support is increasing, but it always has surprises.


Probably the framework of reference for the management of Videos through JavaScript. The API it supports is very complete and a large number of solid companies bet on it.