The 10 qualities that if you do not have, you are not a good designer

Popular belief dictates that from the moment one is born and already brings with it an innate talent that will develop throughout life and that will be the cause of success or failure that a person could have. Such talent is perceptible in the qualities necessary to unleash the potential in any profession and that will make the difference between highlighting or not.

Since before entering university, schools and faculties of design have established an ideal profile for those who aspire to be designers. In the same way, there is a profile of the graduate, which consists of an endless list of skills that a design professional must meet to meet the challenges of the labor market, but beyond that, because the skills all acquire, there is a Factor that makes the difference, and that is the personal qualities of the designer.

Based on the requirements that dictate the majority of the schools that give the career of Graphic Design these would be the 10 indispensable qualities to emphasize in the heading.

– Creative and innovative personality. It seems obvious, but someone who does not have this quality and who simply imitate styles of other designers will never go to a next level and not adopt a style that characterizes it as a designer.

-Communicative. The designer must possess an ability to communicate and interpret concepts visually, for this he also needs to have the capacity for analysis and synthesis so that he can express ideas in the best way through forms and colors.

-Analytical. Related to the previous point, a good designer should analyze its environment, this through knowledge, understanding and interpretation of social reality, because although the area of ​​knowledge of a designer belongs to the arts to communicate something must know the Society and, therefore, the customers.

-Artistic sensitivity. A designer must be sensitive to all kinds of artistic and cultural manifestations, since only from these can he realize projects with a great human sense.

-Worship. It is necessary that a designer has knowledge of mathematics, sociology, philosophy, ethics, drawing, universal history, history of his country and history of art, because in this way his ideas will have bases and flow in a more optimal way.

-Empathic. Above all this has to do with the needs of the client, with whom he must establish empathy in order to understand and interpret what he requires.

-Proactivity. A designer should listen to the client, but he must also have the ability to recommend, to creatively propose new communication options so that a campaign or design has the best of success in any of the areas, whether editorial industry, corporate image , Commercial or advertising.

-Deep knowledge. A good designer has to know and use properly the manual and digital tools, as well as the indispensable materials for the development and elaboration of various designs such as signage, signage, point of sale, packaging, among others.

-Versatility. The designer must have the ability to work as a team and have a spirit of collaboration. Be able to develop in a business environment and work professionally in interdisciplinary teams. Also, the designer must also have the ability to perform individually as a freelancer or form his or her own design agency.

-Vocation. This could be the most important quality, since a designer can have all the above qualities, but if he does not have that vocation that makes a professional love his work, he will never exploit his full potential.