The 5 free SEO extensions for Chrome

The 5 free SEO extensions for Chrome
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With this extension, you will be able to know in detail how a website was developed, detecting all the technologies with which it was built. It is an excellent tool to help web developers or designers, as well as to create more effective SEO positioning strategies or detect areas of opportunity to improve it.

 Meta SEO Inspector

The ideal extension that lets you identify errors and successes in key components such as Meta and HTML tags XFN, micro formats, Canonical, tracking links, among others. It is highly recommended for developers and web designers.

Seo Quake

Considered as one of the most complete free extensions to evaluate SEO optimization quickly and easily. You can activate a panel for the realization of automatic diagnostics, or you have the option to generate a broken down diagnosis with which the operation of the website will be seen in detail.


An extension that will allow you to know instant metrics about SEO. You can customize data such as region or city, as well as evaluate page authority. Another important function is to locate Keywords and detect links. In addition, it allows you to review basic SEO concepts, such as identifying errors in Meta tags, titles, among others.

 Open SEO Stats

An excellent tool and very simple to use. You can know the Google ranking, evaluate the statistics of the cache, and know the number of pages indexed in search engines and backlinks. In addition to having the evaluation of the basic SEO elements of the website structure.

There are many more tools to measure the effectiveness of a website. In relation to your SEO optimization, we recommend the above to start implementing the continuous improvement of your page. We invite you to visit our Glossary to complement your knowledge in the technical terminology used in SEO.

Now, go to your Chrome Web Store, and start using extensions to implement good SEO optimization practices on your site.