The Best SEO Tricks for Your Prestashop Online Store

The Best SEO Tricks for Your Prestashop Online Store

When you have an online store, whether or not you should do SEO if you want to survive in the super competitive world of the Internet. Performing a good SEO is how to keep up-to-date accounts of your company. We all want to be the first in Google, Yahoo and Bing, naturally (without Ad words), because that will help us increase sales, reach more people and gain reputation. But the big problem is that many store owners when they start their journey, they find it almost impossible to hire an SEO professional because they lack the financial means to do so.

Domain name: The domain name, to help us position ourselves well, must carry our most important keyword. It is very important that you do, since to this day Google is the most important thing to position a store well. For example, in my business the most popular word is ecommerce, since the name of my company and domain is exabyteinfo ( By taking the keyword, my positioning has increased enormously and I hardly have to keep it in the top positions.

 Put the title of our store, which will appear in search engines. The title should describe what your store is going for, and this you cannot leave empty, since it is a very important field to be able to position itself well. To do this, you have to go to Preferences> SEO and URL> index, and then fill in the title field. In addition you will have to put the title in Preferences> Contacts of the store, in the section “Details contact” fill in the field name.

You have to fill in the Meta description field, and here you will need to make a short description of what you sell in your store. It is recommended that in the first line the keywords appear, so that the positioning is reinforced. This action is done in Preferences> SEO and URL> Index, and then fill in the Meta description field.

Another field that you must fill in Preferences > SEO and URL> Index, are the keywords. Here you must enter, separated by commas, all the keywords that you have chosen to position your store.

Removal of dead links: Performing this action is of utmost importance to perform a good SEO. Links that do not work well, should be removed immediately, but these dead links will have a negative impact, when search engine crawlers, do not find the pages that the link indicates. To find out if you have dead links, you must use the Google Webmaster tool and disconnect those links. This task is explained perfectly in the blog of Ignacio Santiago.

Set up the URL friendly for search engines. This is done in Preferences> SEO and Url, after the url list, there is a section called “Configuring the links” and here you must activate the yes.

Configure the canonical URL: It is very important to configure this, but the search engines will penalize you because for them and, are two different sites, and then interpret that we have duplicate content. To perform this action well, and that both URL eat the other are the same, we have to go to Preferences> SEO and URL> and after the URL, in the section “configuration of links” activate yes in canonical URL.

Generate the site map of our store (Sitemap Xml). This is crucial to having a good Seo, since we will facilitate the task of tracking the search engines. To create a site map, you need to use the Google Sitemap Generator module (it’s free). The generated file should be sent to Google by Webmaster Tools. Never forget to update it every time you do something in the store. You should only give “Update” in the module to generate the sitemap.

 Fill in all Product and category fields of your online store. The SEO section, which appears in each product, fills all fields correctly. As for the categories, you have to do the same, you have to fill all the fields. Of course, do not copy from other stores, nor put the descriptions given by your default product provider, as this is duplicate content.

These are tricks you can do them yourself without the help of an SEO professional, but it is clear that there are more tricks, but they are difficult and should be done by a freelance expert.