The top ten principles of Google.

The top ten principles of Google.

Here are the ten things that Google has discovered to be true:

1) Focus on the user. The rest will come later.

Google has decided from the outset for clear and simple interfaces, and pages that are loaded instantly. The best markéting is the word of mouth of the users.

2) It is better to do one thing, but to do it really well.

Google wants to dedicate itself exclusively to the search business. For this, it has a group of professionals dedicated exclusively to develop solutions to find and organize information on the Internet.

3) Fast is better than slow.

At Google they are obsessed with cutting response times to users, eliminating bytes from results pages, increasing the effectiveness of search algorithms, and optimizing the thousands of servers they have.

4) Democracy on the WWW works.

The system used by Google to classify web pages ( Page Rank ) is based on the Democracy of websites. Each link that receives a page is a vote that is granted.

5) You do not need to be in the office to need an answer.

Google knows that, every day, the user is not in front of a PC looking for information. And so it is developing mobile solutions, for PDAs and other devices.

6) You can earn money without playing dirty.

Google has very clear rules in its advertising system. And these include that pop-ups and banners are not allowed.

7) There is always more information out there.

Even if you have millions of documents in your database, Google knows that there is still information left unchecked. Therefore, he developed, for example, searches on PDF documents, and new methods to find more information.

8) The need for information has no boundaries.

Internet searches are done in dozens of languages. Thus, Google has several versions of your browser in a multitude of languages.

9) You can be serious without wearing a suit.

At Google’s headquarters in California a very informal atmosphere reigns, trying to encourage communication and camaraderie between workers.

10) Being good is never enough.

Google is very clear that, despite being considered by many as the best search engine at the moment, they should continue to improve and develop new products.