These are the 9 reasons to design your web with Word Press

These are the 9 reasons to design your web with Word Press
1. Its configuration is easy

Installing Word press manually can be simple and just take a few minutes, although certain technical knowledge is required on databases, and manual configuration may not give you the expected result. To ensure a job well done, today you can count on freelancer who sets up your website  and makes a design tailored to your needs. Once configured you can manage your website without any complications, make it grow and be a success will depend only on you.

2. It is easy to learn

Word press has a clean and simple interface with which you will get acquainted right away. You can add new pages, change the structure of the menu, add plugins, images, videos, and change the subject easily and without complications.

3. It has lots of themed options

Whether you opt for a free theme, a premium theme or decide to have a Word press website designer to create one from scratch, you have a long list of options to choose from. The possibilities to extend the functions, applications, themes, plugins and others of your page are practically endless.

4. There are tons of plugins to improve your website

Want to add more functionality to your website? No problem. There are literally thousands of free and top quality plugins that you or your designer can use to improve your website. There are plugins for all sorts of things, from plugins to create a sitemap in seconds to even link your blog with all social networks.

5. Word press updates regularly

Word press works daily in the creation of new content easily downloadable to improve your page, you will always have periodic updates to improve your web.

6. Has a developer community

Need help? Word press has a wide and active community, so no matter what problem you have, you’ll find the answer quite easily.

7. Google loves Word press

Google likes clear and well-structured content and with Word press you have a good code ordered in a systematic way, thus benefiting you from obtaining the best rankings in the search engines. It is very easy to configure the SEO in this web platform, being the most used plugin the yoast seo.

8. Word Press is currently the best blogging platform

If the blog is your main goal, then Word Press is your best option as it is very easy to use and is full of features to be able to customize it.

9. Word Press is FREE

Last but not least, Word Press is open source and free to use software. Not only is it free at the beginning, as other open source servers do, that when they reach a certain level they start charging you for the service, it will always be free, and this is the key to your great success.