Tips for a good positioning on site and off site

Tips for a good positioning on site and off site

The visibility of your website is an indispensable factor in determining if your online business is well positioned or not, as it will influence what users find about your company in search engines; For this there are many techniques that you can apply, in this case we will talk about SEO positioning on site and off site, and how to apply both in an effective way.

Let’s start with SEO on site, with this we can perform all types of optimizations as long as it is within our website, this way our content will be indexed and positioned in the first results of search engines. Keep in mind that a good website positioning should incorporate quality content that includes keywords, weight attributes for robots and links to the other content or services of your website.

For a little more detail, you can use headings to structure the content through the use of titles and subtitles; A featured image that is properly optimized with SEO for images , including title and ALT tag; Internal links, so that the user can comfortably navigate between related portals and of course content that includes quality keywords, but without causing spam or annoying for our visitors, remember that Google examines the relationship and relevancy of these keywords in your Text and you will not want to abuse them.

SEO off site, on the other hand, incorporates all the actions to optimize but outside of your website, in order to obtain backlinks, these being very relevant for the positioning because they increase the authority of your website in front of the search engines, consider it Such as the recommendation that other websites make to users about your page.

Of course, SEO off site can take a little more work, fortunately there are many techniques to get good quality backlinks, the first thing you can do is to collaborate or create business partnerships with other websites, keep in mind that articles with Collaborators can reciprocate by incorporating links that lead to your content, as long as this action is prior agreement and transparent you can achieve a good amount of backlinks for your website.

Likewise you can choose to register your web page in maps or business directories that have to do with your branch, this way the search engines will be able to catalog your content and you will be able to capture clients; also by spreading your links in content aggregators you can also gain greater visibility. Again we recommend not to abuse, Google increasingly evaluates our sites almost as if it were a human, and by massively generating links that point to your page will be considered as wrong behavior, organically unlikely and can be sanctioned.

At this point, you should have noticed that one technique complements the other to form an excellent SEO strategy and allows you to position yourself effectively in search engines.