Tips for designing a good home page

Tips for designing a good home page

The home page of a company website is the starting point for navigating the company and the welcome door to the universe of the brand: its values, its products and services, its team. Therefore, it is the most important page of all, since you can define in seconds the impression that the user will have. An image that will influence in a decisive way in his decision to close or not a deal with the company.

So how do you design an attractive home page, invite the user to make a purchase or become interested in a business deal with our business?

-The home page must express the proposal of the company without interference. There are several elements that support this goal: a slogan in striking typography, a slider with the most outstanding products (for example, the best sellers), a summary sample of testimonials from satisfied customers, an internal search engine with a good number of options, etc. It is not a question of overloading the main page, but of using intelligently all the elements that help us to communicate our identity easily. The home page is both a business card and a stained glass window.

-For similar reasons, the home page should not be difficult to navigate. To scroll vertically, use the scroll function of the browser as little as possible. In the internal pages this rule is not so strict, because a vertical layout of the lists of products is usually even convenient.

-Finally, although a separate section can be used to provide contact information (forms, accounts on social networks, telephones, etc.), it is important to repeat that information on the main page, and visibly with icons or images that serve as visual support.