Integrate Mail Chimp: Although Magento brings a default module to send, through the administration panel, newsletters and newsletters to our clients, personalization and measurement and the ratio of opening per click may be a little short with this module. The ideal thing, then, would be to integrate Mail Chimp that in analytical subject is more advanced. In addition, with Mail Chimp, if a customer makes a purchase and clicks ‘I want to subscribe to the newsletter’, we can perform a complete integration capturing their address and creating a list of customers.

Incorporate a chat: Of course, provided we have enough staff to keep it open 24 hours, or leaving very clear the hours of attention by chat on our website. It is advisable that the customer service chat is available in all languages ​​in which the web is available. Also, if our services were not available in specific languages ​​or countries, chat should not be.

Active promotions: You should always have promotions or promotional codes active in our store. Also, during periods of discounts, our online commerce should also have offers. You could also offer a certain percentage of discount on the first purchase, or by subscription to our newsletter.

Usability: The simplicity of use by the user is essential for him to buy again in our store. Thus, the ideal is that the purchase process is not complex or long, and that users do not have to fill in gigantic forms to be our customer. Good usability, has an impact on our sales. In the article on how to improve your conversions with usability and we gave you some clues.

Blogs or news:  The integration of a blog or a news section in Magento can help us to keep our clients loyal.  We have long been working on this type of integrations with Word Press and Magento in the same installation so that you can relate some of our products with the blog articles.