Top 7 SEO Tips and Tricks for Promoting Your Site

Top 7 SEO Tips and Tricks for Promoting Your Site

The biggest benefit of SEO is to get a constant flow of free traffic to your website. The practice of SEO can help to easily classify your site to the top page in the search engine. In Google there are only 7 million records made every second.If you are not doing good SEO you will miss thousands of opportunities in the way of customers who want to read your blog or buy your product / service.The practice of SEO helps you to easily improve your website page rank to make sure it is easy to find by thousands of customers looking for certain keywords.

The ranking of your site may be possible mainly by making some simple changes to your web pages, messages, images, content. Just like running a retail store or retail store requires a good location with a steady stream of customers, Solid customer, relationship your site needs to rank on the first page of the Google search engine to get a potential flow of traffic. Here I am Top 7 SEO Tips and Tricks, .that are very effective in increasing your rankings and sales

Have a thorough keyword research:

The big mistake the novices can make in the SEO field is that they target random keywords without doing any proper research. Your goal are keywords that are under performing and out of your niche topic.Good keyword research saves a lot of time in ranking. It is vitally important to the success of your website to identify the most popular keywords related to your website.

 First, you need to rank the products in your business as e-commerce store and the set of keywords, according to the products. Doing better research as,’?? ‘Which is the target market the keywords that people most frequently use to search their products on the Internet Include location-based information for the location of the company-based. Suppose you are running a restaurant in Hong Kong, then your page should be directed to a keyword like ‘Best Restaurant in Hong Kong’.

Always take the keyword under competition with a long tail. Just like ‘buying leather shoes online with 50% discount’ would work better than ‘buying shoes online’.

Quality content:

Good wins quality content on the amount of content. It is better to publish content rich single quality per week instead of publishing 4 to 5 thin content. Search engine robots cannot read image files, video content or animations, they can only read the text.

The search engine is becoming smarter every day due to several changes made in the algorithms. If you copy the contents with or rotate the content then surely drop your site rank and get hit by Panda update. Unique content with rich text is required. The days of thin duplicate content is over now.

It looks like its already good single images, bold, italic, underline, internal link works fine. Good content gives you good back links from other site owners and good connections to elevate your ranking. The content size should be at least 500 words and better if it is 1500-2000 words. Avoid mistakes in spelling and grammar.

Quality back links:

If your site is not ranked after much effort, then this advice helps you. Due to the recent major changes in search engines quality wins over quantity. Prior to 8 years site owners used to get links to their site by using automated software, linking networks to boost their rankings.

Thousands of low quality link was not an issue. But those days are gone. Do not use any automated software, or complicated link building techniques, like hiring a guy from Fiverr to give thousands of back links to your site. This will penalize and ban your site from search engines.

Simple link quality of a good PR site wins over hundreds of low quality link from low PR sites. Then the question arises how to get links from authority sites that have a good pr more than 5. Make guest blogs in good authority site.

Avoid black hat techniques:

Some people use black hat techniques to quickly rank their site. It may work for short-term profit, but if you want to do a business with long-term goal then you should avoid this technique.Avoid excessive use of keywords. keyword Stuffing is the practice of targeting a page with an unusual amount of related or unrelated keywords.

 Suppose a user is typing the ‘human resource management concept’ query but he is getting results from websites related to ‘web design with html’, then you can easily identify this as a keyword stuffing technique is used.

Black hatters do this technique to trick the viewers or make the mark of your site. You can easily drive more traffic for some short period of time, but the search engine may notice after some time and drop its rank and in some cases make it ban on it.Never use concealment. Disguising is a preferred technique practiced by a number of black hatters. In this technique, they use automated software for the user to navigate one page to another. This is mainly used to display ads.

Use fresh and updated interactive content:

Make a regular post to your blog and update the previous content. Search engines always deliver the best quality up to date and relevant information for people.If you are running a news website and you are not updating latest topics on how you can expect a good ranking. Making a regular publication makes your blog up-to-date and fresh.

Good interactive content can engage your visitors for a longer period of time. Visitors do not hesitate to visit again and again to your site if you understand the interactive contents.

You can grow user interaction by adding comments, chatting, discussion boards, presentation opinion, adding social sharing buttons and catchy eye pictures. The best example of interactive content is the opinion Amazon users. Where users visit comments again and again before buying a product.

Check the competitors:

Always keep your eye open for your competitors who rank higher on the top of the targeting keywords. Without analyzing the competition, how can it be overcome?First, make an in-depth analysis of your website, content, web pages. There are many free tools available to check competitors, but these are with limited features.

If you are serious about making a great Seo then I recommend you take a bonus. But as a student, you easily enjoy the free functions. Tools like SEO MOZ and Quaking SEO provide you with a great platform for analyzing Pennsylvania, DE, keyword density, external, internal links to your competitors’ sites. You can then easily create the strategy to build your site so perfectly that you can place it above them.

Learning to Fight Algorithms:

Algorithms have changed the face of SEO. When I first started learning SEO in 2008, I used to create back links that use automation software. The more recoil a site is the more it is used to sort. Even with content 100-200 words with keyword density could be ranked in the first position.

If you type a keyword in the beginning 4 to 5 sites used to adhere to the same content. However, algorithms have made SEO completely different. If you create content referring to 5-6 websites, penguin updates as they can hit your site.So always be alert and updated to check for updates and new algorithms published by Google. So you can learn in depth about the changes and take precautions according to the changes.