Transfer domain in 5 steps

Transferring domain may sound like something complicated, but it is not so much. With these tips that we will give you will be simple.

When creating a website you have to take into account that the company you choose dedicated to the registration of domains is reliable and professional, as this is one of several reasons why people want to transfer the domain of your site.

Transfer Domain Agile

Once you have decided which hosting service you will use, then you will have to do 5 simple steps:

The domain must be completely unblockedotherwise you willnot be able to make any changes. Some hosting services allow the user to unlock the domain from a control panel, with some others you have to contact the technical support to help you do it remotely.

It is imperative that, in this step, you obtain the AuthInfo Code or AuthCode that is the password of the domain. This code is essential for the network to determine that the domain is already registered. At some point in the transfer you will be asked for the code to proceed with the migration.

The next step is to migrate the Domain Name System (DNS). This system associates different type of information with your domain. To migrate it correctly you have to have a list of the entries of your current hosting service, this is so that when you transfer your domain to the new hosting service, also transfer the DNS entries and do not lose valuable information.

Back up important data in your domain. The databases or page templates are valuable information that sometimes get lost in the transfer, so save them to your hard drive.

It also backs up the emails associated with your domain and, before you remove the old hosting, create the email accounts that will be used in the new host to activate immediately after the new hosting.

In addition, need to have access to your site contact email, because this address is where you will receive the mails tracking and acceptance of the transfer of domain.

If you cannot access this information through this email, then be sure to change the contact information to track the transfer.

Once you have the authorization code provided by the old hosting serviceyou can register, without any problem, the domain in the new hosting service. This code will ask for it in the forms that contain all the information of the domain.

You may be asked for more information to complete the transfer successfully, so be sure to read the requirements very well and, if you have any questions, contact the technical support of the new hosting service to avoid any kind of setback.

When you finish providing all the information that you are asked for, then it will be time to transfer the domain, therefore, it is very probable that at that time you will be charged the corresponding new accommodation and, immediately, you will receive a conformation mail.

Authentication is the last step. In the confirmation email that arrives you will have to enter the password of the domain or AuthCodeor AuthCode mentioned above, this way the transfer of the domain will begin. You should wait approximately 48 – and up to 72 hours – for the transfer to complete.

As you can see, the transfer of a domain is not complicated, as long as you follow the steps correctly. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact the technical support of your new hosting service.