If our new objective is to make our website one of the best web, we need that our site is easy to find, we know that more than 70% of Internet users access web pages through search engines, if that page is inside Of the best will appear within the top positions of a search engine. In order to arrive at the top positions we need an excellent marketing strategy in the big search engines, it is time to use two fundamental techniques in web positioning , which are Seo which refers to the natural or organic positioning of The page and Sem is when the advertising is paid in the search engines but to be able to differentiate them it will be necessary that we know a little of what they are treated.

Seo Search Engine Optimization, which means search engine optimization, is a tool that allows you to deal with web positioning in a natural way, it is necessary to optimize the web page in a correct way to appear in the top positions of the search engines. Most important search engines, this tool only works on web pages containing texts

The natural or organic positioning through Seo is important, as they achieve a higher percentage of visitors than those that come from advertising, nor is it pay per click.

By contrast Sem its acronym that also come from English Search Engine Marketing and refer to search engine marketing really is the marketing that will have our website in the search engines, if we manage this process have ensured an excellent level of competition With the other web pages that advertise in search engines, for this you have to work in a special way the optimization of the website to be quickly found by a search engine.

Currently both Google and Yahoo provide a system for companies to make use of Sem, the difference of the natural positioning Seo and Sem or pay per click, which is to be paid only for the results obtained, if a visitor chooses to click on a Advertising is because it is tempted by such an offer, and we could assure you that it is almost a client succeeded.

These two techniques Seo and SEM are not the only strategies to get a web positioning but if one of the most used, and indispensable to be within the top positions of the main search engine such as Google, or Yahoo.

It will be up to each of us to choose whether to choose Seo for Sem or Seo and Sem at the same time, then we will be able to evaluate the benefits of profitability given by one technique or another.