Types of hosting for your web page and email

There are different hosting services for your website and email, depending on the capacity and level of quality you need. In this entry we explain to you what the different options are.

Shared accommodation

This option is the most common and the most economical. Its main feature is that on a single server are hosted web pages and email from many companies. Your services are sharing server resources (bandwidth, RAM, hard disk and CPU) with many more companies.

If you have a purely informative page and two or three email accounts that you do not use extensively, this service will serve you well most of the time.

Dedicated Hosting

In this service you hire a complete server for you only. This means that your web page and email are not sharing server resources with anyone else, so the service is faster and more secure.

This service is used in the following cases:

-You have a web application that consumes many resources.

-You handle information of a high level of confidentiality and you do not want anyone else to have access to your server.

-You need to create many email accounts with lots of space each.

-You need some special configuration on the server, for example a mirror hard drive to avoid loss of information.

-It should be noted that the cost of these servers is much more expensive and only applies to large projects or companies.

Private virtual server

These are called VPS (by Virtual Private Server) and are the intermediate point between the first two options. In a physical server several virtual computers are created (for example, from 5 to 10), which are reserved for use of RAM, hard disk and bandwidth.

None of these virtual instances has access to the resources of others. You will be able to access your files as if they were on a separate server, and you will always have the guarantee that your services will not be affected if another client makes great use of his own resources.

These types of servers give a good relation between value and price.