What are Google penalties?

What are Google penalties?

Google’s penalties are corrective actions or “virtual punishments” that Google may initiate against a website that intentionally breaches its policy of conditions.

Contrary to what many think, Google’s penalties are good in that they safeguard the internet from the abusive practices of many SEO and especially those false SEO or pirates who think anything goes.

The final objective of these penalties of the search engine is to make the searches that we make the users are productive to the maximum, that is to say, that when we look for something concrete we can find it in the smaller number of possible clicks. In this way, you get a quality internet, very far from practices that only try to position in Google bad content.

How to know if Google has penalized me…. Help!!

Falling into any of Google’s penalties will inevitably involve a loss of traffic to your website, which will be continued over time. Depending on the type of penalty involved this fall will be more or less pronounced and important, so it will be the first symptom of how to know if Google has gotten you into a penalty.

But first of all you have to make sure. A loss or download of traffic to your website does not always have to be indicative of a Google penalty , there are many more aspects that can come into play, think that web positioning is really complex and not as easy as many say.

The content of your blog or web is not as optimized to SEO as you thought

No quality links or lost links lately

The very development of the internet does not always appear on Google

Your competition has put the batteries, so you lose positions in Google

You’ve been doing something in the Robots.txt file and suddenly you’re no longer on Google.

This last point is important. The file Robots.txt is a very important and delicate configuration file by which we tell Google which pages of our website we do not want it to index. I have personally seen in this regard and several times, how a bad configuration of this file makes us disindex pages very important and with a lot of web traffic, with the consequent loss of relevance in Google.

At first sight it may seem that we have fallen into some of the penalties of Google, but the reality is that by mistake we have told Google not to include us. Grave error!!

How do I know if Google has penalized me? Are there tools for this?

As a general rule, you may suspect that you’ve fallen into Google penalties when:

Organic traffic from Google to your website is greatly reduced

Your website loses visibility quickly

There may be pages on your website that are suddenly no longer appearing on Google

Your keywords lose visibility, you no longer appear in Google where you were before

In the most serious cases, your domain is banned by Google and does not even appear (extreme cases, quiet, it is very very difficult that this happens to you)

By default, when this happens, you may begin to suspect that you are facing a Google penalty, but as we said before you have to be sure. That’s why you need to work with specific tools that let you know with certainty

Search Console (formerly, Webmaster Tools)

Search Console is a Google tool for Webmasters, free, where among other aspects SEO, you can check if your web has a manual penalty, in this case, the most serious.

Penguin Tool

Penguin Tool is an online tool, also free, that allows us to see if we have fallen into any of the Google penalties. Penguin Tool asks for access to your Analytics and from there compares it with the successive updates of the algorithm of Google, to see if you are in any of the penalties of Google.

Personally I can tell you that it is one of the tools that we use the most and one of the most that has helped us to know if Google has penalized any client company with which we work.

Majestic SEO

If you suspect that you have been able to fall into Google penalties, Majestic SEO is a tool that can help you, among other things, to know if you have problems with the links that point to your website. We’ll have toxic links or come from poor quality sites that need to be removed, but first you will have to be sure if it is so or not.