What can you do with Word Press?

What can you do with Word Press?

When we are looking to develop a website for our company saving the most resources possible, choosing a suitable content management system (CMS) is presented as a good option. A CMS gives us the foundation needed to start building our site, as well as an administration panel to easily update it.

The most used CMS in the world is Word Press, whose advantages we have already commented. However, many reject it fearing its alleged lack of versatility, since it is essentially a blog-oriented system, which may require some external attachments to accommodate other needs.

This adaptation does not have to be difficult in the hands of an expert teamWord Press is open source, which guarantees a huge amount of templates, plugins and widgets to download, which add to those you can develop as a good PHP programmer.

Word Press allows you to develop websites whose format is completely removed from that of a simple blog. Many restaurant websites, for example, often present their best dishes on a slide of photographs in high resolution, offer their letter in an accessible format, allow a digital tour of the premises and, if they send home , To offer registration systems with shopping carts to perform the online operation. Word Press can fulfill these requirements well, as demonstrated by some of the many extensions developed specifically for gastronomy sites.

It is also the preferred CMS of visual artists and architecture studies, since through it can be developed portfolios that allow the user to know their previous works easily moving through galleries of images.Word Press gives us great tools to design online magazines with a format very similar to any digital newspaper.

As you can see, Word Press can offer us the solution our business needs, no matter what idea we have in mind.