What is a BREP (Business Ready Enhancement Plan)

What is a BREP (Business Ready Enhancement Plan)

The most important thing for the success of an ERP software is that those who use it understand it fully and get the most out of it. Microsoft Dynamics accompanies you in this important initial stage.
When you purchase a Microsoft Dynamics ERP system , you automatically enroll in a Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP).

This improvement plan offers you many benefits and is a very valuable tool during the year following the acquisition of the software.

Its benefits include access to e – learning courses and online technical support, which is a great help to convert the system implementation in a successful project, for you and your staff become familiar with the system while the implementation is done.

Microsoft offers you an extensive catalog of virtual learning courses to look for and select the ones that suit your needs.

Topics range from payables to order management to fixed assets, and you can take classes online or download them to your computer’s desktop for a later viewing.

Accounts also with technical support of great value, because during the first year it is almost inevitable that situations arise that will require specialized assistance.

The plan gives you 24/7 access to Customer Source, a password-protected website that lets you search the database, download updates, view information online, and find other data sources 24 hours a day.