What is a Word Press theme framework?

What is a Word Press theme framework?

As we said before , when developing a website in Word Press we can create a theme from scratch, modify an existing one or create a child theme that inherits, modifies and extends the characteristics of another theme . The latter option consists of using an already implemented template, but overwriting or extending some of its functions with the creation of a “daughter” template. In this way, we start from a general solution and adapt it to our particular needs. Also, if the parent theme is updated, the source code we added will not be harmed.

Within this alternative we find the theme frameworks, or parent themes that implement complex functionalities, extending the original features of Word Press and saving development time, but without getting involved in the design. In other words, they are parent themes that implement enriched features, but with no visual aspect. From this point will be responsible for a child theme that inherits those additional utilities and add the visual style that we want. It should be noted that companies that sell theme frameworks often offer these child themes as part of the package, since the operation of the child theme will be tied to the particular rules of the framework.

For example, a framework can control the following aspects:


Content layout (for example, the number of columns and advertising spaces on a page).

Content types (for example, an e-commerce site may need a special post type, not natively offered by Word Press, called “Product Description”).

However, the framework will not necessarily influence colors, typography and other aspects that are usually reserved for the child theme.

There are several types of framework. Some point to users without programming knowledge, and allow changes through a simple drag-and-drop interface. Others, however, point to expert developers who can customize the site programmatically. In the latter case, the difficulty can be important: not only do you require knowledge of PHP in general and Word Press in particular, but also, specifically, of the framework in question.

The frameworks Word Press extend the functionality of the original platform, can be very useful in cases Word Press (blogging system) does not deal directly as e – commerce sites, discussion forums, portfolios, etc. However, when choosing a framework, we must think about its learning curve: if it is too pronounced, it may be faster to develop the functions we need on our own. The complexity of the project, the maintainability of the code, the price of the framework, the technical support it offers us and our personal interest must be taken into account.