What is the best programming language for my website?

What is the best programming language for my website?

If you are about to start a new business or your business is in the early stages of its creation surely you took the time to choose a name. Maybe the logo is in the process of design and you are already seeing who to send to make your business cards. In the digital part, surely you already chose a Twitter user, you created a Facebook page, Instagram user and other networks. But what about your website?

Although your business is not going to be mainly online, having a website is paramount at this time. We have already seen how you can help your business take off and even if you do not go to work for SEO, you must have one that Google can see well so if someone is looking for you,

Even if you say that none of that matters to you, surely you will have it written on your business cards (and if not!) And many of your customers will visit to know more about your company, your products or services and to know other companies have worked and say about you.

Basic languages

Although there are some languages ​​specifically used for the client and others for the server, there are some basic commonly used ones. Here is a short review of the most popular web development languages ​​used in the industry.

Do not worry if you do not understand that of “Client” and “Server”, we will see a little more of it later.


HTML is the standard markup language that structures and formats the contents of the web. Page elements such as titles, headers, texts, and links are included in the HTML document. It is one of the leading technologies used on the internet and serves as the backbone of all websites.


CSS or Cascading Style Sheets or  Cascading Style Sheets  is a style sheet language that basically allow the developer to “do it and forget it “. Along with HTML, CSS allows the programmer to define how they will look and format multiple web pages at the same time; Elements such as color, layout and fonts are specified in this single file that is kept separate from the central code of the web page.

These two languages ​​provide the basic structure and style information that is used to create a static web page, a web page that looks the same to all who visit it. Many current web pages are dynamic, therefore they are built for the visitor. To create these more complex sites, you need to add more advanced languages ​​for the client and server.


JavaScript is the programming language that makes animations, games, applications, interactivity and other dynamic effects possible. After HTML and CSS, it is the most commonly used client language. Some JavaScript applications can even run without connecting to a web server, which means that they work exclusively on the web browser and with or without an internet connection.

Server languages

All websites must be hosted on a web server. Server languages ​​simply refer to all the code that facilitates the transfer of data from a web server to a web browser. It also refers to any code used to create databases or manage data inside the web server itself.

Server languages ​​run or run on the same web server, which gives the power and resources to run programs that require too many resources to run in the web browser. Server languages ​​are also safer because the source code stays on the server instead of temporarily downloading to each computer.


Used by 75% of all web servers, PHP is a general-purpose server language. The biggest advantages of PHP is that it is open source, with a huge worldwide community that works with it and is compatible across multiple platforms.

There are many others like Java, Python, Ruby, Node.js, etc.

The best programming language for small businesses

There is no such thing as the best programming language. There are languages ​​that are used for things more specific than others. If you need a mobile application, web, or a more specialized system maybe there is a specific language. But let us think that for the moment what you need is a relatively simple website, where you can show your company, your products and maybe sell online.

  • <html>
  •  <head>
  •  <title> web</title>
  •  </head>
  •  <body>
  •  <h1>heading first</h1>
  •  </body>
  • </html>

Remember that the business world is always changing and your website has to be updated accordingly, so the changes will be constant and you need a “language” that allows you to do them easily and quickly.
If you are willing to learn something of this or have a fixed web developer none of these languages ​​will serve you separately.The page you are reading at the moment consists of more than 1500 lines of code like this, plus many CSS and JavaScript files. All of them built by countless PHP files.

Content Management Systems

We have already talked about content management systems. Systems like Word Press, Drupal, Joomla, among others.

If you want to have a website relatively quickly and easily. Where you can even sell online. Make it easy to maintain and update. You need a content management system.

A CMS like Word Press is made up of PHP, CSS and JavaScript files and they create HTML document