what Is Website?

what Is Website?

A website is a virtual place in the network that stores content for people to have access to it, that simple. It is confirmed by several documents that are arranged in an organized way so that it is visually attractive, these documents are called web pages. Therefore, a website is the organized and structured compilation of a certain number of web pages.

The web pages of which the site conforms must be developed under a code called HTML and be hosted to a domain that, in simple words, will be the place that will make the website can be viewed in any type of web browser (hosting).

Considerations about what a website is

It is very important that you do not confuse a website with a web page, because people commonly think that they are the same and, as you have already noticed, a web page is only a part. In fact, the most important. Given the above, I recommend that websites be managed by professional and experienced people to give the user the best experience.

1. Websites are used for a myriad of things

From giving information of people, institutions or companies to the purchase and sale of products or services. In addition, it can be used as a means of communication, since the technology has advanced so much that can be placed images, text and interactive videos, as well as content of different quality.

Now that you know what a website is and how it works, it is very important that you give your creation a goal to work properly. For example, if you want to make your business known, then the site should have extremely detailed information about the products or services you offer.

2. The people or companies that develop the websites can give you an overview of how your site will look with the general idea that you have in mind

It can be as elaborate or simple as you want and with the number of pages you need.

There are different ways to create a website so that you can use it as best suits your content. Static websites, for example, are those that do not have to access a database to make their content known and are used when there is no need to continually change the information or content of the site.

On the other hand, dynamic websites are those that do have to access a database to make their content known for users to access it. The administrator of the website may add, modify and even delete the content of the site through a system with restricted access for the general public and can do so only by entering with a username and password.

3. On the web sites are classified in different ways according to their type

There are institutional, which are basically designed to accommodate the primary information of a company or business. Its design is very simple and clean, so it does not contain too many pages, so it only has the home page, the homepage, the general information and the contact page.


Blogs are another type of website and are mainly used in a personal way. At such sites, articles or contents are presented in chronological order telling life stories about the owner or other relevant topics and their updating must be continuous. Blogs can also contain posts from several people who talk about the same topic or completely different topics with constant feedback from users.


The sites most used by businesses or businesses are e-commerce sites. These sites allow you to conduct monetary transactions through e-commerce and have a special page for this service. The site can accept payments by credit or debit card, order online, reserve services and, most recommendable, it contains a page of customer service.

As you can realize, having a website is the best option to publicize your company, expand it or diversify successfully your services or products. Remember that having a site is the best way to exist, both in the real world and in the virtual world, because in this way you can reach people who would not otherwise be possible.

By now, you probably already know what a website is, right? Look for the best ones to develop your website, that offer you quality and professionalism, this will tell you more about you and your company than you can imagine.