Why advertising on Google Ad is words a good business?

Why advertising on Google Ad is words a good business?

Google is one of the largest web search engines in the world. Like any other company, its main objective is to make profits. The question people ask is, where do you get the benefits? Its main business is the Google Ad Words advertising platform, where companies from all sectors are announced and competing for top positions in their search engine. But you who think, is advertising in Google Ad Words a good business?

How does advertising in Google Ad words work?

Before we tell you the advantages of Google Ad words, we want to give you a brief summary of how campaigns work. When doing a Google search the ads appear just before the first natural result and the bottom of the page results. These are divided into a maximum of 4 ads at the top and 3 at the bottom of the results page.

How do I determine which Ad Words ads should go first?

Based on a bidding system, advertisers bid on Google searches (i.e. keywords ) that they want their company to advertise.

Example: a translation company in Madrid, will be announced via Ad Words by keywords like “Madrid Translation Company” or “Sworn translations Madrid”. The Advertiser Company will pay Google for each click that your ad receives, and the cost per click (CPC) is defined as discussed by a bidding system. When a Keyword / Keyword has a high competition, the higher the Cost per Click. Signing up for Ad Words is very simple and completely free, all you need to have is a Gmail account.

Advantages of advertising in Google Ad Words?

1. People will find your company

In order to get new visits to the web, increase sales and get conversions (forms, calls or purchases), Ad Words is the perfect tool.

2. Contact a specific user profile

To reach a particular type of internet customer, Ad Words offers the ability to segment ads by website type, audience, or remarketing by posting them at the most appropriate time and place.

3. Measurable, effective and flexible

The Google Ad Words tool gives you the ability to see how many users have seen the ads and how many clicked on them. Even being able to see what sales have been achieved thanks to the ads.

4. Available 24 hours a day

Only by signing in to your Google account will you be able to see how ads work. In SER (search engine ranker) or not BE, we send monthly a summary of all the campaigns, notifying the scope, clicks, CTR, etc.

5. Can be stopped, started, paused and restarted

Ad Words campaigns allow constant variations of ad text, keyword changes, stop campaigns and restart at any time.

6. Advertise locally or globally

Target your Ad Words ads, target users in different cities, regions, or countries, or Geo locate your ads on a specific radio from your business or store.

7. Appears at the exact moment

Ad Words will pull your ads when internet users search for exactly what you are offering (services or products).