Why should I use PrestaShop?

Why should I use PrestaShop?

Today we bring you an article in the we will explain why PrestaShop is one of the best ecommerce platforms for our website.

What is PrestaShop?

It is one of the most used online ecommerce currently on the market. It has several years of development and several branches with different versions, being a mature project and in constant development.

Among the most important features that has allowed PrestaShop to prevail against other ecommerce we find the large number of shops created and the possibility of being used in more than 150 countries .  This fact has resulted in you having an ample amount of members on your websites.

We can also find on your website a large number of templates and modules, so it is not necessary that we have a programmer or designer to create or adapt our website to our needs.

Why create my online store?

Many businesses are currently unaware of the importance of the digital market and the need to adapt to new technologies. The Internet is one of the sources of income that most companies use because it allows them to attract new customers regardless of the geographical area of ​​these.

How to create my store with PrestaShop?

Firstly to create our website, it is necessary to take one of the most important steps: the choice of hosting. We know that many will look for the cheapest hosting, but think that it will not always be the best option. A cheap hosting can be reflected in the navigation fluency of the page, or even in future technical problems. From Professional Hosting we offer you our adapted plans to create your online store, adjusting to every need of each client.

On the one hand, we have the range of shared servers. These plans are focused on small online businesses, which do not require too powerful resources to function.

For businesses with a large volume of visitors or those who have enough visitors we recommend our range of virtual.

These would be the two most affordable options that customers usually need. However, sometimes the volume of sales, visits or products gives rise to our customers needing more powerful machines. For these situations, in Professional Hosting we have our range of dedicated to the service of the most demanding clients.