Word Press, how to use it for high web traffic websites

Word Press, how to use it for high web traffic websites

If you started by creating your website in word press and traffic has already begun to increase noticeably, then this entry might interest you to properly manage your portal.

We know that Word Press is the CMS platform preferred by those online entrepreneurs who are starting in the world of e-commerce, this one, not only offers you an easy and friendly system to manage your website, but also you can count on endless plugins That will help you, even more, with the optimization and management of your web page or blog. But what happens when the traffic starts to increase and the functionalities that you used at the beginning no longer seem sufficient? In this case, calm, keep calm and follow these simple steps to expand your portal.

Let’s start with Hosting, as you know the hosting service or web hosting is divided into different types, the shared and dedicated servers being the two most common, however, if you are part of the majority of entrepreneurs and started with a shared hosting For your website, but now, your portal has grown along with the number of visits you receive, this option may have been somewhat short. Therefore, a dedicated hosting can be your next destination to receive more than 5000 visitors per day without any problem.

However, in Softcorp Services we have the two types of web hosting so that you can manage your website with total peace of mind.

After selecting a dedicated server for your new flow of traffic and resource consumption, it may now be convenient to pay some attention to cache applications, since the ones we used previously may not be enough to handle all the interaction on our website, for So selecting an application capable of increasing the performance of other applications as well as handling heavy content and heavily consumed APIS is critical.

Finally we can consider updating our monitoring applications, and for this task we recommend installing an application monitoring software that offers, of course, modules for word press, this way you can study through graphics the use of your CPU, Databases and the loading time of your web page.

In conclusion, there are really many ways to manage your high traffic website in word press, you just have to pay attention and keep up to date on plugins, applications and different functionalities that allow you to do so. In any way in Softcorp Services we can help you, not only with the creation of virtual stores is in Word Press, but also keeping you abreast of all those news that may interest you. Success!